When Fortune Cookies are Right


Fortune cookies are often vague, cliche, or even just plain wrong, but this fortune cookie was spot on. It was Christmas eve and my family was going out for Chinese food, a recent tradition we had started, the meal was great and at the end all that was left were cookies. My brothers hand grasped at the pile of cookies taking two, I looked over the remaining cookies and carefully picked one as if choosing a diamond from the rocks. I grasped the plastic wrapper and pulled it apart the faint smell of sugar escaping. I slowly split the cookie into two and pulled out my fortune. I read it out loud smiling hoping it was revealing my fate for the summer. Previous to going on winter break I had filled out an application for Phoenix Sister Cites. The program selected Sophomores and Juniors to be ambassadors for Phoenix to countries from Europe to Taiwan. I wasn’t going to know for a couple months, but this started the thought process about what life would be like if I did go and what would have to change if I went. At the time I had a cecostomy tube and I had a medical treatment that lasted an hour each night, I was in no state to travel, but I was willing to do anything to get there. This blog is about where I’m traveling and what it took to go.