Meeting the other ambassadors! 

I got to meet the ambassador from Warsaw Poland today. We talked about some of the cultural differences we had noticed, like how shopping is such a big part of being a teenager, and how eating out is common place. From talking to both the ambassadors from Taiwan and from Poland I found that in AZ I’m lucky I’m able to drive because people in other countries can’t drive till they’re 18. 


6 Days Till Taiwan!

I’m starting to realize how soon I’ll be going. People have been asking for the last three months when I was leaving and I told them June 26th. The date seemed so distant, but now its almost here! I’m so excited to go, I’m nervous mostly about the airport and if there will be enough time to get to our gate. I always worry about the airport more than any other part of the trip. I’m ecstatic to be going to Taiwan overall I can’t wait to meet my host sister Lohri, we’ve been talking for weeks about what we want to do. I’m starting the process of packing, I want to leave extra space to bring things back. Overall I’m just thrilled to be going and finally meet my host sister.

Preparing for Taiwan

I started to unpack from my trip to DC only to realize I’ll be packing again before I know it! I’m so excited to go to Taiwan. When I applied to be a part of Phx sister cities it seemed like a long shot, I had never traveled out of the country before, though I had always wanted to. Part of the reason I had never traveled was because I had a cecostomy tube. Having a cecostomy tube was painful and the medical treatment was inconvenient taking an upward of an hour. My family and I knew if I was selected to go I would need to have another surgery. We meet with a surgeon and they presented the options for surgery, ileostomy or colon ectomy. I took time to think of which surgery I wanted, knowing that they were both semi-permanent surgeries. I was unsure of how I could travel with an ileostomy until one day I found a blog describing a woman’s travel around the world posting pictures of herself at famous monuments with her bag. I subscribed and read as much as I could. I realized through reading the blog that she wasn’t the only one traveling with an ostomy and that was the biggest relief of all was finding so many other people who traveled with one as well. I decided to have an ileostomy surgery and I couldn’t be happier. Traveling through the airport to go to DC was a breeze and I found myself being able to do more than ever before.

Traveling in DC 

Before I travel to Taiwan this summer I wanted to make sure I could handle traveling in my own country. DC was a 6 hour flight, lucky I didn’t need to change my ostomy bag till I was at the airport. Going to DC gave me a new appreciation for why others come to America not only to vacation but to become citizens. I have this new appreciation for our democracy. The pictures I posted aren’t of the White House or capital hill. I posted art. I choose these pictures because I found that a way to describe the undescrible is through art. DC in itself is undescrible.  This trip overall has given me the confidence that I will be able to fly a 15 hour flight without constantly worrying about my bag.